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Business Philosophy


Our mission is to create helpful and well-timed high quality software that make people’s life more harmonious.


Civilization. To improve the quality of life by implementing information technologies (IT).

The team of professionals. We strive to be leaders in the field according to the key indices, i.e. the quality of production and the relevance of decisions. The professional competence of our team and purposefulness of every worker are safe foundation for achieving our targets.

Infosoft. The dynamic development, constant improvement of the quality, continuous optimization of the processes are the key postulates of our business development.


People are the most important. We appreciate our staff, our clients and partners. We value good relationship with people. Therefore, we create accessible quality systems in demand for People.

Our Goal

We are a team of professionals that are united by common aim — to make the world more perfect by penetrating information technologies (IT).

Our Pathway

We make our Clients’ wishes come true using our Knowledge and Experience. It is them that enable us to make right decisions and to choose appropriate approaches, and our scientific works guarantee the development of the proper software that corresponds to our Clients’ requirements and expectations.

Our style of work

Creativity, professional competence of our team and dedication to good Result enable us to develop and to provide Clients with timely, innovative, and technological Solutions of their tasks.

The way we see our Future

The future is a universal penetration of IT into life for the benefit of People. The first steps are taken already, but the real pace of developments, as always, will surprise even the confirmed skeptics.

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