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Our first developments appeared in the last millennium — in the distant 1999. These were the corporative systems for Oshchadny Bank, the ones for exchange rate and extent of exchange rate activities via bank net analyses, the system of payment of the remittance Vigo, electronic exchange for currency resources marketing, the control of limits, etc. They made the work of people easier, systematized cumulative and on-line information, and the most important, we presented the results to analysts and top-managers in convenient format for the efficient perception of the information and operational decision making. These systems are still timely and are actively used by Derzhavny Oshchadny Bank.

In 2003 projects for Joint Stock Postal Pension Bank Aval (Raiffeisen Bank Aval Public Joint Stock Company from September 26, 2006) were implemented. At this period the development of one of the today’s flag solutions started — Infosoft WFM.

In 2005 the company was set up in Information Software Systems Ltd. and started vigorous activity on involvement of new clients. The same year a large-scale project for the pharmaceutical company KRKA, that is our strategic partner, was implemented.

In 2006-2007 the company continued active development and realized projects for the State Land Department, Information Agency Ukrinform, Advertising Agency Pharm-Media, inter alia, the latter is also one of our strategic partners, and other companies.

The year 2008 consolidated the company’s position and gave impetus to its development. Besides the realization of a number of new projects with our partners, we were developing our basic solutions — Infosoft WFM and Sales intelligence system. We participated in the international exhibition CallCRM-2008 and gained new experience in operational management of call-centers. And now we have certified specialists in management of call-center in our staff.

In 2009 the decision to advance the recognizability of the brand was made; as a result we registered new brand — Infosoft Global Ltd., and the company received a new name — Infosoft. In addition to the presentation at the business-forum CallCRM-2009 and realization of the mission-critical projects for our partners, we initiated new areas of activity. These are strategic projects (at all events they are somehow connected with the sphere of Information Technology) that not only consolidate our position, but also give us the opportunity to reach new vistas and to increase the presence not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

All this time we try to create as comfortable conditions as possible for our staff — their personality development and professional advancement, raising their motivation for work and loyalty to the company.

We are content with achieved results but won’t stop at this point because our aim isn’t realized 100%, and the mission together with the vision enables us to have continuous and infinite growth of the Infosoft.

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