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Software Development

The Infosoft Co. offers outsourcing software development.

We have rich experience in providing solutions in many spheres

  • Banking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Real estate
  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Resource management

We are trusted by world-known companies

  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval
  • Swedbank
  • Erste Bank
  • KRKA
  • Pharm Media

Our specialization embraces

  • Automated information data systems
  • Nusiness intelligence
  • Web-oriented systems
  • Network system of information processing using databases
  • Statistical, analytical, monitoring systems and registers
  • Planning and resource management systems, including human resources
  • Informational corporate portals, information exchange systems
  • Software development for mobile devices (based on Windows Mobile)
  • E-learning and knowledge examination
  • Automation of business-processes
  • Electronic document management systems

We skillfully use a wide range of technologies to meet all the Clients’ requests.

Software that we develop for our Clients helps solving a wide spectrum of tasks: from every-day to mission-critial. This helps our Clients rely upon reliable solutions from Infosoft, and occupy themselves with the basic business-process, without paying attention to auxiliary tasks which can be entrusted to Infosoft outsourcing (i.e. outside service).

Outsourcing programming

Outsourcing software development (i.e. software that that is developed not at the place of its direct use) gives a number of priorities to our Clients:

  • Software development done by the team of qualified experts who have rich experience in IT sphere guarantees a high quality of the work
  • Adherence to internal corporate standards at all stages of the project development leads to efficient process organization
  • Periodic reports about the development process leads to the decrease of risk
  • Phased handing-over of the works: a Client has online access to versions of the program product that is underway
  • Close cooperation with a Client is a guarantee of task understanding accuracy and solutions adequacy
  • Selection of specialists with necessary qualifications individually for every project results in lead time saving
  • Client’s access to quality control systems enables him to control work-in-progress and helps us take opportunely into account his wishes
  • Various collaboration schemes are adapted for both timely delivery of the product in pre-conditioned time-frame and with fixed budget (fixed-price projects with deadline), and for dynamically developing projects (time & material) that acquire timely reaction to the frequently changeable business requirements

Software undergoes such stages

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Technical Task writing
  • System Architecture Design
  • Development
  • Testing, Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • User Guide, Online Help writing
  • Training
  • Support

As a result, Client gets made according to his requirements software product.

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