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Infosoft Testing Software is meant for

  • Provision of opportunity to create questions and answers database for further testing of system users
  • Performing the testing of system users

Infosoft Testing System stipulates two access levels to the testing system: the level of administrator that allows to create lists of questions and answers, and the level of user that allows to do the test in two modes: training and actual testing.

By means of Infosoft Testing System it is possible to

  • Keep record of any number of users
  • Keep record of testing themes, questions and answers within these subjects in multiple choice or open questions format (with further assessment of the supervisor)
  • On the level of administrator’s access — to create tests of any themes combination, to set testing parameters: passing score of the test, the number of questions in every test, list of the tests that are to be passed over a certain period of time
  • On the level of user’s access — to do the test in two modes: training and actual testing with time limits, and to get the results automatically
  • Look through the test that is done in the «error analysis» mode
  • Store the results of the tests in database
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